LED headlights …. verdict

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid Sealight LED headlightsSince fitting the Sealight X2 LED H4 headlight ‘bulbs’ I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple decent night-rides to see how well they work – about 100 miles in all. In fact it’s worked out perfectly, as there’s been no moon, so when riding in unlit mountains – dark means dark!

So how did they fare? Well let’s just say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Make no mistake, they’re not really any brighter than a standard H4 but the bright white light and fast changeover (Hi/Lo) is a nice touch. The beam is surprisingly good, although the Aprilia guard on the front does mess it around by causing shadows/reflections but it does that with Halogen bulbs as well. Overall it’s fair to say that I didn’t have to adjust my pace at all to compensate …. as long as I can stop safely on my side of the road, in the distance I can see well-lit, then that’s fine with me! Oncoming traffic never seemed upset, so I’m of the opinion that there’s little scatter caused by the LED’s not being exactly in the lens sweet spot.

In the end though, the real benefit from these lights is the saving in energy. With about 4-5 Amps less being drawn, I’ve found I can now use my dinosaur Hella Micro DE fog lights and still show a charging voltage of 14.1V, even the fan cutting in only drops the voltage to 13.7V! It’s like a breath of fresh air and quite amazing how a simple redistribution of Amps makes the Capo a happier bunny. The main point now is how long will they last ….. only time will tell! 😀 

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  1. Great job, Karl and many thanks !
    Even if I do not ride a Caponord, I still keep an eye on your website. So, I wrote a message about your experience on the French Caponord Forum with a link here. Hope you allow me to use one of your pictures.

    Now, I ride a Moto Guzzi Stelvio, that also uses two H4, The original Alternator – Regulator is a bit leak too, without any possible upgrade. These H4 Leds are more than welcome. I guess I will install this kit. On the Stelvio, when Main Beam is activated, the Deep Beam remains on. Guzzi’s touch !
    So, I will take advantage of all the Lumens.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Karl,

    Is this LED set possesses “E” marking on it? In Hungary it is considered extremely strict. Even for the cars. If You are not using “E” marked bulbs, Your MOT fails immediately, as well as the policeman pulls over if there is suppose of not having OEM configuration of the lamp.
    By the way. electricity.
    My stator winding failed in my Capo. some folks told, the MOSFET rectifier kills the winding on long term. I would like to hear Your opinion about it as electrical wise man. Is it true? Does the MOSFET type makes full or partial short circuit in the AC system?
    I use FH012AA for 2 years. Couple of months ago, my charging went down. The phase to phase voltages were: 7.5V, 18V and 24V AC at idle speed. The aftermarket new stator has smaller winding dimensions and when the bike gets warmed up, the charging drops. As long as it is cool, I have 14.1~14.2, when it is hot, it is 13.6 at elevated rev and 12.6V at idle speed.

    this “new” stator produces only 18V AC at idle speed. Not 26V AC as the old winding did couple of years ago.
    Now my old stator will be rewound and the “new” smaller winding sized will be sent back to the seller.

    Thanks a lot for Your comment.

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