Wheel bearings

Wheel Bearing & Seal Sizes

2x 6005-2RSH 25x47x12 Bearings
2x 30x47x7 Nitrile R23 Seals

1x 6204-2RSH 20x47x14 Bearing
1x 6304-2RSH 20x52x15 Bearing
1x 6305-2RSH 25x62x17 Bearing
1x 30x52x7 Nitrile R23 Seal
1x 35x62x7 Nitrile R23 Seal

All of these are common items and if you are in the UK, I can recommend buying from www.simplybearings.co.uk …. excellent, fast service on quality products. I had my order delivered to Italy in 48Hrs. Cost delivered to the UK is about £45 inc VAT and P&P.