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Time to let go ……

Well it’s been almost three weeks now and with each passing day, we have to face the inevitable – Kelly, our faithful stray dog isn’t coming back. On the evening of the 4th January, Kelly had played enthusiastically along with … Continue reading

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A mouse in the works

What with the mild winter and the vastly improved road surface, I’ve been lucky enough to use the Capo far more than previous winters. That has meant the Range Rover languishing in the corner. And that has been the cause … Continue reading

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Bye bye Shorai

Let me start by saying that the Shorai is NOT a bad battery, it’s just not the right battery it seems for a large capacity V-twin. Yesterday, after persisting with it for several months, I finally admitted defeat – one … Continue reading

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Hyperpro ho ho!

If you do nothing else to your Capo this year, do this. Fit a Hyperpro spring, you won’t be sorry! The RR got this upgrade back in September and frankly it’s been smiles ever since. To top it off, Jan … Continue reading

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