Measured current draw by fuse

Below is a table showing the current measured from both 30A fuses and each of the fuses A-D on my Rally-Raid. Please note that the running voltages are generally higher per RPM on MOSFET regulator modified bikes, with correspondingly lower current draw. Therefore you may well see slightly higher current readings from a factory-standard bike. Either way the readings should be in the same ball-park when you make allowances for old/new batteries and wiring loom resistances.

Total current draw at idle, lights and brake lights on and the cooling fan running can hit almost 25A total. With a generator output of 470w max. (34A @ 13.8v) it looks like the Capo has a reserve of 9-10A at best, in other words, the system has little reserve for running accessories on those start-stop stuck in traffic journeys we see more and more of!

With the MOSFET upgrade, it’s normal practice to put a 30A fuse in the DC line to the battery. Here is a table of measured current through this fuse at idle.

It looks like the generator is capable of providing somewhere around 250w at idle – approx. 53% of its total output before the voltage drops off.