Battery and chargers

The base model battery for the Caponord and Rally-Raid of all years is the YTX14-BS. This battery is a maintenance free type. The standard Yuasa YTX14 can be purchased for a little under £50 in the UK with the ‘H’ version almost double that, with the Shorai almost double again! There are of course many other manufacturers of this size/style of battery with similar model numbers – CTX14 etc. Personally, I like to go for a quality make rather than get stranded by poor build quality or performance. Here is a comparison of the two Yuasa and the Lithium Iron Shorai.

NOTE – September 2012

The Shorai LFX21 is a recent change from the previously advertised LFX14 or 18 model. I have used the LFX18 for a short time and cannot recommend it in the Caponord, however the increase in  capacity may well make the LFX21 a viable proposition. Until I can get one for evaluation I can’t comment further.


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