Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!

It seemed like the remaining miles were clocking up painfully slowly although the cruise control was locked at a solid 80mph (130Kmh). Here we are then, the Capo and I heading back to the UK and currently passing through Verdun, a section of motorway with bends and hills – certainly a touch more interesting than the bland featureless flat-lands of Northern France that’s for sure. Finally the odometer clicks over one more mile and we’ve done it – 100,000 miles!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid 100000 milesI pop the hazards on and roll to a halt on the hard-shoulder. The traffic is light and I’m only stopping long enough for a quick photo, I know I shouldn’t, but this one’s a biggie!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid 100,000 milesWe’re not the first by a long chalk …. Capo’s around the world have hit 100K miles since the late 2000’s. One in Italy did 125K+ and one in the USA 135k+ and there are others most definitely. But the number is low and I’m proud that my Capo and I have joined this small band of owners that have proved the reliability and longevity of our wonderful bikes. As I write this, the Capo now shows 102,698 miles and is all set for a bit of TLC after the ceaseless battering of rain it endured over the last three weeks. Along the way it gained a new MOT, a set of Anakee Wild tyres and a fresh pair of Brembo 07BB2035 brake pads for the rear caliper. In return it ran faultlessly, even in the face of rain the like of which I’ve not come across in many a  year.

2 Replies to “Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!”

  1. Congratz Karl, amazing bike it is indeed.
    As for your Key problem, try instant glue, it might just be strong enough to pull the rest out…

    grtz, from Belgium,

    Roger (RallyRaid No 049 )

  2. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for popping by … RR No 049, always welcome! 🙂

    I tried glue, swearing and praying! I even tried making tools fit for a spy master, nothing could get that little bit of key out. So now I have two keys in use … one on the lanyard (ignition) and one short-key tucked away in my pocket for the fuel cap. A good friend has offered me a full key/lock/cap set so I can go back to one key. But the current ignition key has been here from the beginning and made it this far, so I figure it deserves to stay!

    Thanks for popping by and good luck with 049, maybe we’ll meet up one day at an ACIM event.


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