Speedo sensor thoughts

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid - Speedometer sensor Honeywell 1GP7001Having chipped away through almost 1/3 of the parts I got last week, I started on the speedo sensor …… unfortunately t’was deader than a Dodo. That presented the perfect opportunity not only to measure it for posterity – but to strip it apart and see exactly how it was constructed. In this case as you can see from the photograph, the sensor (Honeywell 1GP7001) is completely buggered and split at the sensor head …. marks in the body suggest it may have been water damage.

All this leads to the idea of a re-usable speedo sensor, that could be re-orientated for use not only on the Capo, but also the RSV and Tuono. Here’s a MK1 idea using the same Honeywell sensor (about £15/€20) and a few nice stainless screws for that macho-Meccanno look! The idea is that if the sensor subsequently fails, you simply unscrew the case top and solder in a new sensor – bingo! Back in business in 10 minutes flat. 🙂

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid - 2005 rear wheel & swing armSo is it worthwhile following this up do you think, or should I resign it to – nice idea but ……?

And lastly, the chap in l’Aquila got back to me this week and offered me this pair of little beauties for €50 plus postage. 😀

Apparently the tyre is original and will require removal with dynamite or a thermic lance and the rim has a little scuff damage along the edge (about 5 o’clock in the pic), but I’m sure that can be taken out by someone more competent than I. I’ll have a nosey around the UK over winter and take the wheel back over with me in spring.

When the wheel arrives I’ll model it up, then look at various colour schemes that might (or might not!) complement the fudge/biscuit paint of the Raid. – not that I’ll ever get them done, more just a ‘what if I had dosh’ excercise unfortunately.

6 Replies to “Speedo sensor thoughts”

  1. You’re a Genius!..

    Regarding the sensor..
    Need to waterproof it. Gasket sealant on the wire to begin with
    Where do we get the honeywel sensor from?

  2. Howdy Karl.

    Re your speedo sensor, outstanding idea!! Put me down for one straight away. Mine is working ok, but I can tell by looking at it it won’t last another winter.
    Anyway, how are you mate? Any news? Whats been happening your side of the world?
    Merry Christmas (belated) and hope you have a fantastic New Year
    Andrew & Karine

  3. Tooling costs would be expensive unless you have access to a 3D printer. I’d have one just for the manliness of it. As Stanley said…… Genius!

  4. Hi Gary,
    3D printing is one avenue I’ve been exploring …. meanwhile a very nice little machine shop is machining one in Aluminium for me to try out. They’ve even pointed me in the direction of a family run place I can get parts anodised. Hopefully it’ll be worthwhile!


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