LCD Dashboard end of May update

Just a quick update on the LCD dashboard – yes it’s still a work in progress! Lockdown here in the UK has freed up time for all sorts of fun and games and the LCD dashboard has hogged more than its fair share over the past few weeks. The board finally went from a desktop/fake-input dummy display to a fully enclosed dashboard with real-world inputs yesterday evening.

Apologies for the rough and ready video, but a long day was coming to an end, so I just grabbed the nearest dashboard case, blew off the dust and slapped the whole thing together to get the video. I appreciate the tacho needle is missing and the clear-lens has some scratches, but hey …. this is a prototype!

Next step … finalise the power on/off circuitry and maybe a nice splash screen for a few seconds at key-off, let’s see. But by far the biggest job is still to get the ECU data to the display in a way I’m happy with. One thing I’ve come across which is proving really useful is a software package called Megunolinks which allows real time graphs of data buzzing around the system – the demo version already helped massively while tweaking the various inputs and how to filter the data …….. next stop, the pro version! That should really help speed things up.

One thing I was always sceptical about, was the displays ability to function properly in bright daylight. I honestly expected this whole thing to be nothing more than a what-if project that would stay on a workbench. But I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t appear to be the case at all …. yesterday, the display was perfectly readable throughout the day with very bright sunlight streaming in through the garage door – square on or at an angle I had no problem reading it.  And that alone has boosted the enthusiasm to see this move from workbench to bike … let’s see how the next few weeks pan out.

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  1. Hi .
    I have been following you on this page for many years, helping my friends with caponord. thanks to your tutorials and knowledge.

    we are a group of 25 friends with caponord. here in Chile very few are seen. and I don’t think there are many more.

    We have all had the same typical problems that you mention and repair. but what left me stunned. was the digital panel. I wish I could implement it. since with the change of R / R. the speedometer stopped working. and my friends also have problems with their boards.

    I thank you on behalf of all the users in my country.

  2. Hi Oscar,

    Thank you so much for your comments, they are really appreciated – great to hear that a healthy Capo clan exists in Chile. That’s fantastic! Please shout out if there is anything in particular that you would like to see on the website.

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