Almost made it to 100K Km

Code 33 - front coilYesterday was a great day, warm and a smooth running Capo to zip about on …… not so today, no siree Bob. Started her up this morning and that dreaded little EFI light started flashing away. Front coil #1 (code 33) had shuffled off to the great coil playground in the sky.

Before swapping it out, I plugged TuneECU in to get a screenshot of the dwell – reading 0.420 in the picture – definitely dead as a Dodo. Not to worry though, a spare was on the Coil #1 reading 0.420 ...... deader than a dead thing.shelf and an hour later the job was well and truly jobbed. Just two things to mention really ….. one, changing that rubber sleeve is a right pain in the proverbial and two, getting the HT lead onto the Amrish coils is even harder! Note to self …. make sure the next spare coil on the shelf is already fitted into a sleeve and has a HT lead attached, that’ll save at least 15 minutes and a book full of swear words! So after 92,413Km the second Sagem coil has been replaced, the first went a couple of years ago, so will the last two make it to the big 100K Km?

Here’s a graphic I keep (laminated) on top of the airbox lid – it just makes it easier to locate the right coil without consulting the manuals. Click for a bigger version.

Coil location, colour and numbering

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  1. Hi Michele, it’s been a while – I hope you’re keeping well. Thanks for the link …wow, that’s a very different take on the usual Renault V6/Amrish/JCI coil conversion! If you’re going to ACIM 2014 maybe we can discuss this over a cold beer!

  2. Now it’s all right, 2013 was Annus Horribilis for me. I hope to offer you a frozen bier.

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