Service time over

Empty tank makes for light work!Service time is over for another 6,000miles. I decided a couple of years ago to extend it from the original 4,650 miles due in part to the well documented stability of the valve clearances and because I’m using the long oil filter and a decent branded oil. Whether I’m being realistic or foolhardy for extending the interval only time will tell.  😕

Valve clearances were all in spec but on the tight-side, so no need just yet to use the new Hotcams shim kit, but next time I’ll change all the shims by ±0.025mm to shift the 0.13mm ...... getting close to the limitgap back into its mid-range. That should see the valves good-to-go for at least another 50k miles. Everything else was absolutely fine, with just a slight tweak of the CO to lean out the idle.

The rest of the bike was given a thorough check over and happily all bearings and seals are fine, a squirt of grease in the rear suspension linkage keeping that nice and smooth. The drive chain and sprockets were cleaned and checked and after 33,333 miles (yes, that’s a genuine number!) they’re still good ….. This is the highest mileage I’ve EVER had from a drive chain. DID ZVM2 chain rocks!

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  1. Hi
    I’m interested in what sprockets you’re running on your capo. Mine are coming to,the end of there time at 30,000 and I’m struggling for a rear sprocket other than expensive aprilia or Afam which I’ve had trouble with in the past.



  2. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for commenting here on moto-abruzzo, great to hear from you …. Now in answer to your question. Front sprocket is Renthal, rear is a Sunstar and the chain is DID ZVM2. The chain and rear sprocket have now done a whopping 36k miles …… yes, you read it right 36,000 miles, but in that time it has had two front sprockets. This is testament I think to the quality of the chain and the fact it has been lubricated by a twin-feed Scottoiler from day one.

    The Sunstar rear sprocket is a rather unassuming item, no slots to reduce weight and drab in appearance. I really expected to be changing it out within 5-10k miles, but in reality it has been brilliant and still has life in it! I see that Wemoto do them for £29.52 … not the cheapest supplier granted. Hope that helps Alan.


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