Time for new tyres ….. TKC80 or Karoo 3?

Metzeler Karoo 3With the michelin Anakee 2’s now nearing the end of their lives, it’s time to think about the winter boots the Capo will need to wear. True, the trusted Continental TKC80’s are reliable and on hand, but I fancy trying something different for a change. That’s when I saw the new Metzeler Karoo 3.

Like the TKC’s they are most definitely off-road biased but (so say Metzeler) with superb on-road ability, long life and low noise/vibration. So with extensive experience of the TKC’s on which to make a comparison, they will need to do the following at least:-

  • 5k miles rear / 7.5k miles front
  • Excellent wet & dry grip on road
  • Low noise & vibration for over 80% of their life, especially the front
  • Good self clearing in soft mud

If they can achieve that and more then I’ll be one happy bunny, especially as they’re retailing at approximately 20% (rear) and 14% (front) cheaper than the TKC80, which lets face it, has never been a cheap tyre anyway.

I think I’ll run the Anakee 2’s a while longer as they still have sufficient life, although the front is now noticeably more ‘twitchy’, especially at low speed. No doubt due to the cupping on the blocks. Meanwhile I’ll search for the best deal on the Karoo 3 and post a pic or two when they arrive.

2 Replies to “Time for new tyres ….. TKC80 or Karoo 3?”

  1. I have been eager to see how the Karoo 3 stack up against the TKC80. I am on my stock Anakee 3 that came with my R1200GS LC. I have big trip coming up and would definitely need more off road rubber. What have been your experience with the Karoo 3?

  2. After several sets of Karoo 3’s I’m about to do the oposite to you and try my first set of Anakee 3’s! I’d have to say the Karoo’s and TKC’s are pretty evenly matched, rear wear is similar while the Karoo front lasts better but is noisier throughout its life. Karoo’s seem to work best when loaded – 2-up or luggage and are considerably cheaper (in Italy) while the TKC fronts feel better and inspire more confidence in corners, Karoos unfortunately seem to shake the bars slightly as they roll from block-to-block when lent over… but you get used to it.

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