An extraordinary board meeting

Hot on the previous post and the delivery of the Futura dashboard from Arv, here’s a photo of the hybrid (Franken-Capo) dashboard in the Rally-Raid.

The calibration of the needles was compared to TuneECU (Tacho) and the trusty Garmin GPS (Speedo) and everything is absolutely fine. I’m pleased to say it’s been a complete success and something I can tick off the RR’s wish list. It’s not a very big list, just has some awkward or expensive items on it!

2 Replies to “An extraordinary board meeting”

  1. Karl Hi, my name is javier, I would like to contact you about Caponord panel, but it seems that does not work contact section. My email is (removed because of bloody spammers!).com. A greeting.

  2. Hi Javier, Glad you are happy with the dashboard repair and as you can see I removed your email from the comment to prevent spammers annoying you. Regards KarlB

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