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Reading the current situation

With the new inlay nearly complete and sufficient testing of the modified dashboard to prove its reliability in day-to-day use, it’s now time to move on and complete the next stage of miniaturising the circuit board. The big grey box … Continue reading

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Shorai Power – Pt2

Just a quick post to update on Shorai batteries. As you may remember, I tried a Shorai LFX18A1-BS12 in the Capo and had mixed results. Mixed enough to swap back to a standard battery anyway! In my case, the battery … Continue reading

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My very own total Eclipse…..

When I got back from the UK just after Christmas I set about installing the new Eclipse-8 battery monitor on the Capo. You may remember from a previous post that I fitted a 5mm LED battery monitor from Sparkbright a … Continue reading

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Low voltage battery warning LED

I’ve already got a voltmeter in the right hand fairing and although I wouldn’t be without it, I have to say it suffers from a  couple of drawbacks. Poor readability in very bright daylight (Blue LED display) Low down in … Continue reading

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Bye bye Shorai

Let me start by saying that the Shorai is NOT a bad battery, it’s just not the right battery it seems for a large capacity V-twin. Yesterday, after persisting with it for several months, I finally admitted defeat – one … Continue reading

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Shorai batteries now in the UK

It’s a lovely warm afternoon and I’m stood holding a little lightweight box with two terminals …. It’s a fake, a toy, it has to be. This simply cannot be a real battery! Some sleazebag once tried flogging me a … Continue reading

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