More bunged up …… or spoke too soon!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid spare spokes in the front wheel spindle - AP8108784, AP8108787, AP8108805I’ve been carrying six spare spokes around in the front wheel spindle for years ….. however the whole thing was a bit of a mash-up and not worthy of a post on here unless I desperately wanted some serious ridicule. Until now that is! Out with the hand-cut foam and insulating tape and in with the nice new 3D printed parts – two spacers to hold the spokes all nice and even and two new symmetrical end caps. All this held together with a length of 8mm aluminium tube, two ‘O’ rings and two M6 stainless fasteners topped off with a pair of decorative washers I had left over from my old Honda Blackbird days. All works pretty well, even if I say so myself! 😀 

2 Replies to “More bunged up …… or spoke too soon!”

  1. Well done – looks really very good!
    Would you also offer these printed parts?

  2. Thanks Daniel!
    I could certainly let folks download the stl files so they could print thier own or make/post from here I guess … but first I need to experiment a bit more with different materials to make the parts look as good as possible.

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