Time for a change – 2012

It’s that time for reflection as one year fades into another, time to take stock of Moto-Abruzzo and in what direction I want to push it in 2012. Well to start with, I guess I have to think back to exactly what got me motivated enough to start the blog in the first place. It was (and still is) my Caponord Rally-Raid of course. I had this idea to write-up my own experiences, nothing anecdotal from others, only what I knew and experienced first hand. To that end it’s been quite successful – but limited, if nothing needs tinkering with, or breaks … what do I write? And that’s the Achilles heel of the blog.

So for 2012 I need to expand, to keep the blog fresh, to introduce a little pace …. but I don’t want to lose the essence of what I started. After plenty of dog walking and time to reflect, these are the meager ideas that popped into a tired mind.

  • Abruzzo: More content, but from the perspective of a bikers eye. Abruzzo websites/blogs abound with more general info than I could, or want to accumulate …. but none are from a bikers viewpoint as far as I can see.
  • Caponord: I’ll stop taking the mundane jobs for granted, everything is questionable to someone. So I’ll cover the basics with text/photos/video/3D to add more depth to the Capo content. Simply put … more detail.
  • Blog layout: Devote a little more time and effort to increasing the blog look and speed for mobile/smartphone use. The technical content may be useful when you’re stranded by the side of the road! Mobile content is where it’s all heading I guess.
  • Mystery project: Yep, the one and only. The dusty canvas draped over the mysterious artifact that gently pulses and hums hypnotically in the shadowy corner of the barn may well be pulled back to reveal ………… all in good time!

So I hope dear reader, you’ll still pop by now and again and see what’s new, maybe drop me a line – good or bad. Constructive feedback can only help move the blog and it’s content forward. Layout or display issues would be very useful …. I’m no internet wiz-kid. I’ve an ageing laptop running Vista and access to a couple of old clunkers with Windows XP. Combined they let me see the site in Firefox, Explorer and Opera but I’ve no idea what it looks like on Windows 7 or any other browser. Time to upgrade? Yeah, you may well be right…….

A warm, windy and atmospheric December day, that was ideal for a nice ride out and few moody pics dropped to black and white. Picture 2, looking over the saddle …. I can see my house from here!


4 Replies to “Time for a change – 2012”

  1. Hello, i was wondering where you got the “hooks” from whitch are mounted on the covers of your Side cases? I have a RR myself. Cheers

  2. Sadly the shop I got them from has changed owners – and stock. The package itself also doesn’t give a manufacturers name only the size and material. The base is 60mm x 20mm and the hoop is 6mm dia with a curve diameter of 17mm. Maybe you can get similar from a marine chandlers. Hope that helps. Cheers KarlB

  3. Thanks! I’ll try to find something here. Shoulden’t be to hard to find here in Belgium I hope :-).
    The supports on the back of your side cases which holds the reservoir and the other thing, are them the same like here?: http://www.mdi-online.nl/webshop/artikelgroep.aspx?id=3af5cd59-1c47-4556-bc5f-e1abb2193a11&lang=nl
    I mean the 2 last products on that page.
    Did you fixed them with pop rivets? How did you removed the inner isolation of the cases?
    A lot of questions, I know :-).

    cheers Jeroen

  4. Hi, no the carriers are Touratech parts, check out their on-line catalogue. I fitted them with M4 stainless nuts/bolts and 5mm alloy spacers. Removing the liner isn’t too bad ….. free it from the aluminium lip and pull it up using even pressure – don’t pull too hard on one side or the other, you might crack the liner! Having said that, they are quite robust. Make sure all new bolts are well covered in sealant to prevent water getting in and trim any excess thread from the bolts before you put the liner back in. Hope that helps. Cheers KarlB

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