Someone watching over us……

Range Rover P38 rear tyre failure - Pescara ItalyJan and I took a run up to Mosciano Sant’Angelo in the Range Rover today and everything was peachy until the run back down the Autostrada. There’s a long, tight, right hand bend as you pass the Città Sant’Angelo junction and we’re sailing a touch north of the 130Km/hr limit, but no sweat, I’ve run this bend hundreds of times at this speed and the Rangey handles it just fine.

Until a near-side tyre catastrophically fails mid corner that is.Range Rover P38 rear tyre failure - Pescara Italy

Range Rovers are tall old beasts and have to be eased into any manoeuvre, you can’t just throw them around will-nilly or the whole thing starts to sway and roll like a drunk elephant. A flat tyre on a sharp bend certainly qualifies as a destabilising influence! How we didn’t roll I don’t know. But it was close and I mean pit-of-the-stomach close.