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Muddy Chef Challenge 2016

As some of you may know, I’m not really one for driving our four-wheeled cousins … I didn’t even get a licence for them until quite late, then I tried a variety of styles and performance and came to the … Continue reading

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The Fissure King

What good is a motorbike or a car for that matter, if you don’t have a road to run along? About 10 days ago Jan and I went to do the weekly shopping and I must admit I was already … Continue reading

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….and winter hasn’t started yet!

Now I’m not a superstitious fella, but 2013 is certainly making its presence know as it drags out its final days. First we have typical warm autumnal weather, rather rudely pushed aside in favour of a month’s rain in two … Continue reading

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Someone watching over us……

Jan and I took a run up to Mosciano Sant’Angelo in the Range Rover today and everything was peachy until the run back down the Autostrada. There’s a long, tight, right hand bend as you pass the Città Sant’Angelo junction … Continue reading

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A mouse in the works

What with the mild winter and the vastly improved road surface, I’ve been lucky enough to use the Capo far more than previous winters. That has meant the Range Rover languishing in the corner. And that has been the cause … Continue reading

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