9 Replies to “So long and thanks for all the fish….”

  1. I understand and appreciate your leaving, but you will be missed (you are already missed)

  2. Hey Karl, I am just seeing this now. I had no idea. For starters thanks for all your help in the past and participation in the forum. Cheers, Matt

  3. Karl,

    Disappointed to see you depart the AF1 Forum.
    However, I too am pee’d off with the huge volume of inane chitchat which has appeared in the last 12 months or so.
    I’d like to stay in touch anyway. Shall I use your website or another email route.


  4. Hi Karl

    Sorry to see you left the forum. Your technical knowledge both capo related and in wider areas will certainly be missed. I too have not visited the forum much lately. Hence I only just saw you had left.
    I am nearly on your turf, I write this as I sit at malpensa airport on my way home from a commissioning visit. And I thought I would check the forum as I had a spare 5 mins. I hope we will see you next time you are in the uk.

    Keep in touch Karl


  5. Andrew, Matt, Andy and Jake ….. thanks for taking the time to pop by and drop me a line. Your kind words and understanding of the choice I made is much appreciated. I hope we can stay in touch in the days ahead and maybe even get to spend a little time over a coffee or a cold beer someday. Thanks each and every one of you!!

  6. Hi Karl,
    Really sorry to see you leave the forum, I have no idea what happened in January aside from me joining the forum in December so only hope I played no part in your deciding to leave! You will be missed, I hope in time you may reconsider because there are an awful lot of people who do respect you and value your input and it would have been great to have seen you on some of the owners jaunts, thank you for the advice, input and kind comments you gave me and I hope to bump in to you someday, I’ll keep following you on here in the meantime,

    all the best for now

  7. Missed on AF1 but I’ll keep track on your website. Safe Travels

  8. Following many emails shared I just thought I would publicly say a huge THANK YOU.
    If your wealth of knowledge was not made available to me. I would be an EX owner of an Aprilia Caponord ETV1000
    The in depth info you shared with me simply wasn’t available via any other source.
    I do hope you decide to return to AF1 your absence is not only missed by myself but many, far more than you maybe aware of.
    You may have decided to move on with your vast knowledge and expertise but your web address will be quoted many times over. You will always remain un replaceable despite your opinion that your info is not needed…How wrong you are Karl.
    I wish you the very best in the future hoping it brings you to return to AF1.

    If you are ever in the NW UK the kettles on for a brew. 😀

    Kind Regards

  9. Karl,
    I understand who and what caused you to make your decision. Frankly, I’m right behind you, but I think I’ll leave all my material on the site for those who might benefit. All the best to you, and I’ll be popping back in here to catch up on your exploits. Stay safe.

    Stu O

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