Reasons to be cheerful ….. pt3

A tickle round the mountain, five logged files and two and a half hours of logging later …. it’s no longer a work in progress, it’s a runner!

It may only be a couple of weeks ago that this little project kicked off, but for the life of me, I can’t quite remember why I started, or in fact where I really thought it would lead. So I guess this is most definitely a natural end to this part in the development cycle. It starts, stops, logs and displays more than I originally intended. I guess there’s nothing more to do except get logging!

As for the other stuff on my wish list ….. well the aquisition of external info such as speed (measured not GPS), brake line pressure and gear position may well be handled by this little device. 8 x 5v analogue inputs should be fine … all looks fairly straight forward in the instruction book anyway. We’ll see!

So what have I learned from the data so far? Firstly, the air intake temperature is a fairly consistent 15ºC above the ambient air temp at all times – higher when the bike’s in stop-start traffic ….. all very power-sapping. Secondly … truthfully there isn’t a secondly just yet, but what I’m interested in looking at on the next couple of runs, is the barometric (air pressure) data. It’s measured in the airbox and with the restrictive ‘snorkel’ in place I’m expecting to see a drop in pressure at high RPM/throttle opening …. but will the data bear this out? And how much will it fluctuate by?

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  1. Sorry, but for the moment this is very much ‘under development’. In other words, full of programming bugs! So I won’t be offering it for download for some time to come, but thanks for the interest.


  2. Hello,
    your datalogger seems vey interesting. It’s not clear for me if uses external acquisitions or data from Tuneecu/Tuneboy

  3. HI Michele,
    Yes, the Moto-Logger uses the Tuneboy.dll file (only) as the gateway to the Caponord ECU. I’m currently learning how to do this myself and hope to have a working logger that is independent of Tuneboy in the near future. Moto-Logger also uses Franson GPSGate to log the GPS data at the same time as the ECU. Other data that will be logged shortly (2013?) are brake line pressure and suspension travel.


  4. It can be a good idea to exchange some info with Tom Hamburgh to interface your logger with TuneEcu limiting the external HW only for optionals parameters (GPS, brake pressure, accelerometer aso)?

  5. Hi Michele,

    I would love to have access to Tom and Alain …. and do away with the Tuneboy.dll and its hold over how I currently access the ECU. The problem is, I am small-fry! An amateur programmer; I think I would look foolish i their eyes with my childish ‘Moto-logger’. One day maybe when I have more confidence I might speak to Tom. Until then, my datalogger is just a bit of fun for a 50 year old on a winters night! Thanks for your comment, it’s much appreciated. Ciao!!!

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