‘Deuce of Spades’ a film by Faith Granger

Stepping away from the Aprilia for a moment … away from the world of bikes even, just a quick word or two about an excellent Hot-Rod film.

The centre piece is a 1932 Ford Deuce Hot-Rod owned by Faith Granger. Faith also happens to be the writer, producer/director/cinematographer/editor …. chief cook and bottle washer and most definitely the driving force behind the production of ‘Deuce of Spades’. Oh, and she acts in it and sings on the soundtrack! It’s a simple story about a simpler time, about lost love and second chances, mostly shown in flash-back to the mid 50’s after the cars new owner (Faith) finds a letter lost in the bodywork for over 50 years.

Can she unravel the story of the Deuce and its owner Johnny Callaway?

Ok, so lets be ruthlessly honest … there’s nothing really new here, bad boy meets good girl, loses good girl, loses car. Car gets squirreled away until our heroine finds it …..

Oh boy, that sound so cynical ….. because it’s much, much more than the underlying script. Through excellent photography and an attention to detail second to none, you are there, in the 50’s ….. surrounded by the most delicious pulsing of  fine-tuned v8 engines doing there stuff, lazy summer nights, white T-shirts, Coke in bottles and testosterone fueled midnight drag-racing!

What I feel makes this film so special is that Faith is an independent film maker … working a normal job and filming at weekends on a shoe string budget. I’m not going into the details, suffice to say, please go and read about Faith, her 32 Ford and the making of the film here:


Beg, steal, borrow or better still …. support Faith by buying a copy!!! Until then, here’s a movie trailer.