Saddle up and ride out …..

No hour of life is wasted
that is spent in the saddle.
                                     Winston Churchill

Bless him I never had old Winnie down as a biker, but hey if the cap fits …… 😀

Yes the humble saddle, that piece of plastic/metal and foam that can feel like an armchair or a razor blade, or in fact morph from one to the other over the duration of a few hours or minutes depending on the bike! To be fair the Rally-Raid seat is pretty good, if anything just a bit soft for my weight and could probably benefit from a stiffer foam to stop me sinking into it and putting too much weight on the old coccyx.

After 11 years of wear and tear I was thinking about getting them recovered/padded but didn’t much fancy being without the bike for several weeks while the job was done – step into the limelight Stanleybobly, who just happened to pop-up on the AF1 radar with a near-new set of Raid saddles for a painfully decent price. It would have been plain rude not to have bought them!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid. Doesn't she look splendid with new saddles!So now the Capo has a spanking new pair of saddles and I can work out where I want to send/take the old ones for refurb at my leisure – any advice about UK upholsterers always appreciated.

…… and thanks again to Stanley for selling them to me! 😉