It’s all in the wrist …

Talk to the hand ......Just as the last of the crappy weather ebbed away and thoughts of having a run out on the Capo sat warm and snug in the front of my mind …… life came along and handed over a great big slap in the face by resurrecting an old injury. Over the past five decades I’ve been fortunate enough to only break one thing in my ageing chassis – my right wrist, unfortunately three times!

For the past 13 years its been ‘unstable’ or so they said, certainly it’s dished out its fair share of misery from time to time, but always controllable with over-the-counter meds. Until this week, when ‘unstable’ finally fell off the proverbial perch. So now I know how a provincial hospital in Italy works ….. and I can only say a heartfelt thank-you not only to our own doctor in Civitaquana, but also all the staff we met at Penne hospital who made my visit a positive experience.

So now I’m trussed up like a Christmas Turkey, stewing nicely for another week before I go back to hospital. Meanwhile the sun shines, the road dries out and the Capo sits silent ………. I don’t rightly know which of us is more miserable! 🙁

That’s quite enough of that thank you very much! I’ve time to spare, a working left hand and a computer to play with – so how about designing an active cruise control to give the wrist a bit of respite on those longer journeys? Let’s see now, one microcontroller, a Pololu motor driver board and a GL1800 cruise module might just get the ball rolling …… it’s tinker-time!!!!! 😀