Aprilia ETV & RST1000 dashboards repaired

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 & Rally-Raid dashboard / instrument panel repairs and upgrades

November 2016 – Dashboard repairs available again!

Do you have a broken or damaged instrument panel from either the ETV1000 Caponord or RST1000 Futura lurking in your garage, or worse, still on your pride and joy? Then why not consider getting in touch about a repair or replacement panel. Or have you sold your bike and need to clear your shelves? Then drop me a line, I’m always looking for broken/damaged dashboards to use for spares.

RistoSince October 2012 99% of the dashboard circuits and software secrets have been systematically unravelled and unsurprisingly many owners have taken advantage of this fledgling repair service and been very happy to have their dashboards returned to working condition, when they’d all but given up and were prepared to consign the board to the trash bin. A word of caution though, I can’t work miracles! Boards that have been previously ‘repaired’ or have suffered damage to the micro-controller may well be beyond economical repair.

Alberto_1Common problems range from a partial or complete loss of dashboard functions, loss of the odometer and the board resetting itself to a default condition that no longer works ….. especially in the Caponord. Each board is thoroughly checked on arrival and full feedback given before any work is carried out. All hail the power of email!

Not only can dashboards be repaired, reprogrammed, recalibrated and speedometer and/or tachometer motors replaced, but I can also replace back-lighting LED’s for a brighter and more striking blue or another colour if you prefer. Green LED’s are especially popular as they offer a greater contrast with the displayed information – ideal for older eyes at night!

So to recap…..

  • Circuit repairs
  • Conversions Km-Mph, Caponord-Futura and vice-versa
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Speedometer and tachometer calibration
  • Restoration of functions after a voltage spike induced reset


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